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Roofing services

The selection of appropriate materials, as well as the knowledge of the roofing trade, are the most important factors determining the robustness of the work. Our team consists of professionals who have years of experience in roofing work and are masters in their profession. As a result, our company can provide roofing services at the highest level and ensure reliability of its performance.
Roofing services offered are both on flat and sloping roof.
The scope of works :
  • The roof structure
    • Wood rafter framing
    • Steel girders, trusses
    • Reinforced concrete elements
    • Prefabricated elements
    • Metal elements - trapezoidal sheets
    • Sheet metal and carpentry processing
  • Roof insulation
    • Thermal insulation - polystyrene, mineral wool
    • Vapour barrier
    • Waterproofing films, membranes
  • Roof covering
    • Tile
    • Metal tiles
    • Torching membrane
  • Additionally:
    • Installation of roof windows
    • Installation of gutter systems
    • Roof underfaces with metal or PVC
In addition to creating new, we also cover projects involving the replacement and repair of existing surfaces.
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