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Trade and Service Company GEORG Adam Korga was founded in 2001. Initially, the basic profile of our business was the sale of building materials. This experience proved to be extremely valuable as the knowledge that we gained during that time is used in our daily work. For execution of orders we use only the best available materials on the construction market, we also offer the professional advice in this regard. 

In 2005, the Company began working in the building services sector, initially focusing on insulation and thermo insulation construction works, in both newly created and existing buildings. The scope of work in this area includes the insulation of buildings and facades finishing. Rapidly growing number of satisfied customers motivated us to further develop and enhance the range of services. For three years now, we have been subsequently expanding the range of services provided.
Apart from insulation works we perform also roofing for flat and sloping structures. For flat profiles our offer mainly includes waterproofing and thermal insulation of surfaces. The Company is also working on the restoration of industrial and public old flat roofs. The sloping roofs we construct feature durability, aesthetics and quality. The materials used are mainly clay roof, cement and slate tiles.

The objectives of the GEORG Company is customer contentment and satisfaction which we want to achieve through high quality and reliability of performed assignments. Therefore, we have gathered a team of skilled workers who are doing their jobs honestly, professionally and timely. Currently, the Company employs more than 30 people, among whom specialists in building sectors such as roofing and exterior insulations can be found .

We provide our services in line with the technology and the building practices, using only the best materials. We focus also on the ongoing dialogue with a customer, we are open to his observations so that the final result would be most satisfactory.

So far we have completed over 100 projects, apartments and individual houses, several investments for communities and housing cooperatives. We have renovated the public utility buildings as well. They are the best showcase of our Company and demonstrate the professionalism of Georg.
We are proud to admit that the European market is familiar to us.
Working in Belgium for the past four years we have completed 7 building projects involving:
  • The erection of brick and reinforced concrete structures:
  • The construction and modernization of roof coverings
  • The thermo modernization of building facades
  • The electrical installations
  • The finishing works
Please visit our gallery, where we shall post our completed projects.

You are welcome to work with us ! 
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